Kids Today

Kids today, I tell ya.  They have no moral compass.

Last Saturday, there was an EG gig in Canton at a DIY house, and it went swimmingly well despite some unusual circumstances.  There were 5 bands scheduled for the night, including us.  Problem was, only 2 bands showed up to perform – including us.  The venue owner told me that one local band had to cancel, and that two young bands traveling together from Boston bailed on them.  Apparently, the two young bands arrived earlier in the evening and immediately asked about a guarantee.  They were told there was no guarantee, but the club intended to solicit donations.  They then told the venue owner they were going to dinner, then never came back.

That’s one of the bands in the above photo (the three guys with hairdos).  I wasn’t going to use any names or visuals, but they were already exposed by my friend Brian on his Broken Headphones blog.  The funny thing about that photo is that they’re obviously trying to be ironic.  What ‘s ironic to me is that the photo reflects how this band really acted that night.  Look, I don’t claim to understand what goes on in a 21-year old emo kid’s mind.  The fact that kids today feel more entitled than ever is not even the point.  There’s one thing that’s universally wrong, and that’s being rude to people who don’t deserve it.  I don’t care what the fuck Hot Topic-Kevin Says-Warped Tour fucking stage you’ve played on.  (In fact, that only reinforces their assholery).  Not cool, kids.  Not cool.

Okay, the sense of entitlement thing does bother me.  These kids wonder why us old fogeys hate their fucking guts.  Look at that picture, and tell me you don’t want to punch them all in the damn head.