About the Band/Discography

The Electric Grandmother has been amusing and bemusing audiences for many years with their electro-pop/multi-media extravaganza show. The Electric Grandmother is the inventor of the genre “Sitcom-Core."™ This website is maintained by Pete, who fancies himself an online entertainer of sorts. Biography Pete and Mary Alice met on the internet and fell in love in 1996, before it was cool.  Pete then moved from his hometown of Aurora, Ohio to be with his then girlfriend in Kaneohe, Hawai'i. The Electric Grandmother started in 1999 in Hawaii as a solo project of Pete, keeping up the lo-fi/sitcom-themed tradition of his former band The Doldrums. Pete and Mary Alice moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2001. Following a series of hand-made cassette recordings, the first official "public" EG release occurred with 2003's CD-R release, "My Imaginary Audience." Subsequent CD-R releases included 2003's "Dickalis" and 2004's "Sin City Sex Mix." In 2004, EG first took the stage, with Mary Alice joining the band offstage as a live performance projectionist. Early live performances included the use of a bubble machine, inflatable objects, disorienting lights, and garbage bags full of balloons.  In 2004, Pete and Mary Alice eloped and were married by a decrepit woman in Las Vegas. 2005 marked the 4th CD-R release by EG, entitled "Pee Sells...But Who's Buying?" In 2007, EG signed a contract with Columbus label All Hail Records and released "The Stenographer," which received a 4/4 star rating from Alternative Press magazine and significant college radio play. In 2010, EG released the album "Listening Party" on the Cleveland/San Francisco based label Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company. The album received a healthy 7/10 rating from the online magazine Pop Matters. Mary Alice shifted from offstage projection to projecting onstage while handling backup vocal duties.  The band officially becomes a duo. In 2011, the band moved from Columbus to Washington DC, with 120 live shows and six-full length albums under their belts. Hey, doesn't your band name come from an old movie I saw on TV when I was a little kid? Yes. There was a made for TV movie called "The Electric Grandmother" that originally aired in 1982. It is based on the Ray Bradbury novel I Sing the Body Electric. It is an extremely bizarre movie starring Maureen Stapleton. Discography:

Make a Joyful Noise: The Cassette Recordings 1999-2002 (2013, INS Recording Company) joyful_cover

Love in an Escalator (2012, INS Recording Company) escalator_cover

Listening Party (2010, INS Recording Company)

The Stenographer (2007, All Hail Records/2009, INS Recording Company) Pee Sells...But Who's Buying? (2005, Self-Released/2009, INS Recording Company) Sin City Sex Mix (2004, Self-Released/2009, INS Recording Company) Dickalis (2003, Self-Released/2009, INS Recording Company) My Imaginary Audience (2003, Self-Released/2009, INS Recording Company) INS Recording Company